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Mountain Walking

Mountain Walking

The idea is to give you some information about how to find your way around hills and mountains in most kinds of weather in safety. Those who have done some enjoyable hill-walking without bothering mush about equipment, map-reading and so on, may wonder what all the fuss is about. But the fact is that every year people die or are injured in the hills because they do not appreciate that these hills can at times be both difficult and dangerous and they did not take the trouble to learn how to deal with these potential dangers.

Weather can change quickly; what started as a pleasant stroll on a fine day up on a well-trodden path can turn into a battle against a blizzard. In winter-time the chances of this happening are much greater; the well-trodden path of summer-time may be a sheet of ice in winter.

The sensible course is always to be properly equipped and prepared for any type of weather and to know how to cope with the various situations that may arise. Experienced hill walkers and mountaineers always treat hills and mountains seriously. If the inexperienced walker does not do so, he is taking a silly and unnecessary risk.

Not all hills are on the same scale. Some treks are located in such places where there are villages and the routes are often used. You do not move far away from the villages. At such places the treks are over well paved paths and chances of injury are few. However there are trails where you may not see another human being for days together. The trails may be seldom used and at places may not be distinguishable from the rest of the terrain. These are not for inexperienced walkers. The high altitude trails are more rugged and lonelier, and the weather, if it turns bad, can be far harsher. During winter-time, especially, the conditions are often Artic and great care is required.

Walking alone in the hills can be enjoyable but it always involves greater risk. Do not go out in the hills alone until you have had much experience of walking in different types of terrain and in different weathers. Even when you are competent you must take special care if you go alone, and remember the difficulties which arise if you have even a minor mishap - difficulties not only for you but for those who will have to come to look for you.


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