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Tirthan Valley Trek

Tirthan Valley Trek

Day From To km/ hr Remarks Photo
1 Delhi Sai Ropa Tourist Bungalow ( 1700 m) 12 hr By vehicle via Chandigarh, Aut (1230 m) and Banjar. Stay in dormitory.
2 Sai Ropa Tourist Bungalow (1700 m) Rolla (2100 m) 12 + 10 km By vehicle upto Gushaini. By walk through Eco zone of GHNP from Gushaini (1500 m). The trail is of gentle gradient at the beginning of trek. After that it drops down to the river where the entrance to the GHNP is located. After showing the permits and the necessary entries in the register move along the river's left bank till the bridge is reached and from there onwards the trail moves along the right bank till one reaches Rolla hut.  Stay in hut.
3 Rolla (2100 m) Nada Thatch (3300 m) 12 km By walk through oak and conifer forest. The trail is moderate till one reaches Chalocha (2450 m). A hut is located here but is in not very good shape and it is located by thick jungle. A prominent tree god is located just beyond the hut. Moderate to Strenuous climb starts from here. Possible sightings of Himalayan Tahr and Black bear. Nada Thatch (meadow) is very good for bird watching. Stay in hut.
4 Nada Thatch (3300 m) Majhoni (3800 m) 12 km By walk. The trail enter the dense jungle at the other end of the meadow and moves down to the side nala flowing into the Tirthan river. The last part is quite steep descent and the crossing the nala one climbs up to reach another nala flowing from left and then move along the path moving above the Tirthan river. Now follow it through deep jungle and bear country to reach a small hut at Shankha thatch. Good place for tea break and then continue on the trail to reach the camping ground of Majhoni. Stay in cave/ tent.
5 Majhoni (3800 m) Majhoni (3800 m) 16  km By walk to the Tirath over a moderate gradient trail leading to vast meadow of Tirath (4080 m). The place offers magnificent mountain panoramas. The place has a small pond which is considered the origin of Tirthan river. Vegetation is stunted due to extreme cold temperatures. Blue sheep can be sited in large numbers and it is a snow leopard country. Return back the same way. Stay in cave/ tent. 
6 Majhoni (3800 m) Nada Thatch (3300 m) 12 km By walk. Retracing the way one has moved in. Take due care and move together in the jungle. Stay in hut.
7 Nada Thatch (3300 m) --- Have a good rest day and enjoy the surrounding.  Stay in hut.
8 Nada Thatch (3300 m) Rolla (2100 m) 12 km By walk over a descending trail. Stay in hut.
9 Rolla (2100 m) Sai Ropa Tourist Bungalow ( 1700 m) 10 + 12 km By walk upto Gushaini and from there by vehicle. Stay in dormitory.
10 Sai Ropa Tourist Bungalow (1700 m) Delhi 15 km By vehicle via Banjar, Aut Chandigarh.


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