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Karzok to Kibber Trek

Trek to Karzok to Kibber
via Prang la

Sl. No. From To Hr/ Km Trek/ Road Condition Photo
1 Leh Karzok (4540 m) 08/ 250 Take a vehicle from Leh to reach Karzok. The road follows the Indus till the Mahe bridge, where it crosses over the river to enter a narrow valley till it reaches the Sumdoh village. Good road till 25 km to Karzok, which is a dirt road. Stay in Hotel/ tents.

2 Karzok
(4540 m)
Kyangdom (4540 m) 06 hr The trail is along the famous Tso Moriri lake's western shore. As one leaves the village the only building one encounters is that of the Gompa located on the shore of the lake. A road is being cut along the lake and some day it will be driving all the way to Kyangdom. The walk is to the southern end of the lake and camping is near to the place where the Phirse Phu is entering the lake in many channels. Good views of Chhamser and Lungser Kangri on the eastern shore and of Gya towards south. By walk and stay in tents.

3 Kyangdom (4540 m) Chunam Dhansa (4650 m) 5.5 hr The trail is on vast open space where the Phirse Phu flows. Keep moving in the direction of Gya which will slowly move out of site. Lots of Kyangs can be sited today grazing in distance. Pass the camping grounds of Narbu Sumdo and after climbing up the table top get down into the Pare chu river and shortly thereafter cross it to the right bank. Follow the good trail to reach the camp site located next to the river. By walk and stay in tents.

4 Chunam Dhansa
(4650 m)
Shen Dhopsa ( 4700 m) 6.5 hr The trail continues to follow the river up stream. Some times it is next to the river and sometimes above it. One passes number of camping grounds which are the places where Chang pas stay during summer time. Camp after you have covered as much ground as possible. By walk and stay in tents.

5 Shen Dhopsa (4700 m) Kaesha Gongma (4900 m) 7.5 hr The trail again continues to follow the river and the trail keeps moving up and down depending upon the water in the river. The valley starts to get narrow and in distance a glacier can be seen moving down. Keep moving on the river bed to finally cross it to the left bank where the trail moves up the mountain and thereafter follows the snaking trail till one reaches the camping ground just above the river. By walk and stay in tents.

6 Kaesha Gongma (4900 m) Thantak (4400 m) 09 hr Today is the D-day when one has to cross the pass. The trail crosses over to the right bank of the river once again. Thereafter the climb starts over a zigzag trail till one reaches nearly the top of the mountain and then the trail moves towards the glacier top which is a vast snow field. Keep moving straight towards the ridge in front. Shortly before reaching the ridge the trail turns right and climbs towards the ridge. One finally snow/ice step and the Prang la (5450 m) is in front. Get down the other side into Himachal over black gravel covered trail and move to the Borogen camping ground. Keep moving down the trail which is steeply moving into the Parilungbi river gorge. Reach the gorge and follow the river on its left bank till one reaches the small bridge across it. Cross over to the right bank and move down till you encounter the trail on your right which is moving up and out of the gorge. Keep walking till you reach the camping ground where water is available. By walk and stay in tents.

7 Thantak
(4400 m)
Kibber (4205 m) 04 hr The trail climbs up from the camp for a short distance and then moves over flat area. Good view of Shilla peak across the Parilungbi gorge. The trail now starts to move down and towards the village of Kibber which is partially seen far in front. Down below the fields of Dumla village can be seen. The trail goes past the village of Dumla and follows the small nala flowing down to the big river coming from left. This river is flowing through a formidable looking gorge. Cross it over a bridge and start the climb out of this gorge to reach the fields of the village and following the road reach the village and on to the other side from where the road to Kaza goes. By walk and stay in Hotel.

8 Kibber
(4205 m)
Manali (2050 m) 11 hr By vehicle reach Kaza the headquarters of Spiti and from there take another vehicle to reach Manali. The road goes along the Spiti river and the crosses over the Kunzum la. Follow the Chandra river till the turning towards Rohtang is reached and then crossing the pass reach Manali. By vehicle and stay in Hotel.

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